Pay It Forward Day

Today is Pay It Forward Day! 

With so much political, social, and spiritual chaos happening in our world, it’s great to have days like today that remind us about kindness.  Sharing small acts of kindness may not change the complex situations in the world around us but it can definitely make an impact on those we’re surrounded by.

There are people we see throughout our day that need hope, encouragement, and to know they are seen.  I know I’ve felt that way many times in my own life. And I’m sure you have too!

In a perfect world it would be great to share kindness and ‘Pay it Forward’ every day. But let’s be honest, life can get pretty complicated on a daily basis. Our schedules are usually full before we can fill them! And if you have young kids…. the word “busy” goes to a completely different level! Let’s not forget to mention that there are times when our budgets won’t allow any wiggle room and thanks to Dave Ramsey, we’ve already spent our money for the month!

Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you. -Princess Diana

There are many creative ways to show acts of kindness to others.  I’ve created a short list of economical and practical ways to show love and kindness to those around you.


  1. Write an anonymous note of encouragement for a co-worker or a homeless person you see every day.
  2. Pray for someone and then let them know you’ve been praying for them. And if you want to really step out of your comfort zone…pray WITH them!
  3. Offer to help an elderly person load groceries into their car OR a mom who is struggling to get all her babies in the car. (you know we’ve all been there!)
  4. Put the shopping cart in the cart corral for a stranger.
  5. Hold the door open for others.
  6. Allow the person behind you to cut in front of you in line at the store.
  7. Call a friend you haven’t talk to in a while and check in on them. (this can be done while driving your kids to soccer practice.)
  8. Stop to help someone who is pulled over on the side of the road.
  9. Give a random stranger a compliment. Watch their face light up!
  10. Take time to listen to someone who needs to talk. This can make a huge difference for that person.
  11. Volunteer at a shelter.
  12. Have your children draw a picture to share with a homeless person. Kids enjoy giving to others!
  13. Take an extra snack with you to hand out to a homeless person.
  14. If you bought something from a small business, leave a great review.
  15. Clean out your closet and find someone to donate the clothes to.

I hope this list helped get your wheels turning on how you can creatively show kindness to others. If you had an idea that you would like to share, please leave a comment so I can add it to my list!

To find out about the history of this day, click here.

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