My Little Pony!

When I was a little girl I loved collecting stuffed animals! Heck, I still love collecting stuffed animals! I had so many plush toys that my dad hung a huge hammock in my room so they wouldn’t smother me at night when I slept! I had a variety of different animals, but my favorite was the unicorn!

There is something so magical about unicorns!

The first item I sold when I first started Hooked by NeeNee was a unicorn! I have made several different styles of unicorns but this particular one was my biggest challenge. My friend’s granddaughter loves My Little Pony, and her favorite pony is Rarity! So, when she asked me to crochet a unicorn for her granddaughter, I knew exactly what unicorn I would crochet!

I found the perfect Rarity Pattern online and wanted to use a bulky yarn so Rarity would be a bit bigger than normal and super cuddly! For the body of the unicorn, I used Big Twist Cuddle yarn in Bright White.  This is a Super Bulky 100% Polyester yarn I found at Joann’s. Since I wanted Rarity to be big, I used an 8mm hook, which is the recommended hook size for this yarn.  The pattern I found from Little Yarn Friends was a great pattern and I followed it exactly except for the mane, tail, and embellishments.

To create a more stable Rarity I used pool noodles in her legs to help her stand a bit taller! My husband found these pool noodles at the Dollar Store! After I crocheted the legs, I measured how big my pool noodles needed to be and cut them to length. As you can see in the pictures, I layered poly-fill stuffing around the pool noodles so it wouldn’t show through the white yarn.  I also used a cut portion of a pool noodle to reinforce her neck.  This worked well until I added her mane. With her big head already being heavy, when I added the mane it caused Rarity’s head to fall to one side. If this unicorn wasn’t for a younger child, I would’ve somehow reinforced her neck and legs with wooden dowels.

The pattern I used called for felt to create Rarity’s eyes and the diamonds on her hind end.  I really wanted this entire piece to be crocheted so I came up with a pattern for the eyes and diamonds. Unfortunately, I didn’t write down the pattern I designed for the eyes, but I have included a picture of them to use as a template to create your own design. I did crochet the eyes with worsted weight yarn in blue, white, and black. I began her eyes with working 6 increases each row until I reached 36 sc. I then joined the white yarn and sc around. To create her “eyelids” I used a series of dc and dc inc. in 9 of the sc. After 2 rows of white, I then joined black and created “eyelashes” by using the picot stitch in every other dc.

After fastening off the main part of the eye, I used black yarn and crocheted a circle increasing up to 18 sc. I crocheted a white circle, increasing up to 12 sc. Then I sewed them all together and attached them to the sides of the unicorn’s head! There are a number of ways you can crochet Rarity’s eyes. If you wanted to keep it simple, you could crochet the blue part of the eye with a pupil and attach it Rarity. Once her eyes are attached, you could embroider her eyelashes above the eyes.

To create the 3 diamonds on her hide was really easy. This is what I did:

Make 3

  • ch. 2
  • sc in second ch from hook
  • 1 to turn, sc in same st, sc in next st. (3 sc)
  • 1 turn, sc in same st, sc in next 2 st. (4 sc)
  • 1 turn, sc in same st, sc in next 3 st. (5 sc)
  • 1 turn, sc in same st, sc in next 4 st. (6 sc)
  • 1 turn, sc in second st and each st across. (5 sc)
  • 1 turn, sc in second st and each st across. (4 sc)
  • 1 turn, sc in second st and each st across. (3 sc)
  • 1 turn, sc in second st and each st across. (2 sc)
  • 1 turn, sl st in next st, fasten off. Leave a long tail to sew to body.

Crocheting Rarity’s mane and tail was a lot of fun! All I did to create these beautiful curls was to crochet a long chain (I didn’t count my chains, but I made them a little longer than the length I wanted for each strand) and I put 3 dc in second chain from hook and all the way across! Crocheting multiple dc’s into one stitch will create that curly effect! I used Joann’s Big Twist Velour in Deep Purple for these ringlets!  Aren’t they beautiful!?

If you decide to crochet Rarity, please tag Little Yarn Friends and give her credit for the pattern. Also tag me in your pics on social media using #hookedbyneenee so I can be sure to see them! I would love to see your beautiful creations! Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss a post! The best way to stay in touch with me is on Instagram! I not only share my designs and patterns but I also share about every day life!

The horses on our farm were so curious about Rarity!





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