Updated 2/20/21

NeeNee's Promise

NeeNee guarantees that every crochet item is handcrafted with a great deal of love.  If any of NeeNee’s products don’t capture your heart or your experience with Hooked by NeeNee was less than loving, return your item within 14 days for a full refund. 

Return/Replacement/Refund Policy

All Hooked by NeeNee’s crochet products are guaranteed under NeeNee’s Promise, written above.  If you are displeased, for any reason, with your crochet product or the product you purchased does not live up to NeeNee’s promise, then you are entitled to a 100% refund or replacement or exchange within 14 days of your purchase. This excludes custom ordered crochet products. All refunds or exchanges AFTER 14 days of purchase is subject to a 10% restocking fee with a minimum of $5.00 USD. For all returns, refunds, or replacements a proof of purchase is required in the form of email address, order number, or original receipt.


All crochet items that are returned for exchange, replacement or refund is REQUIRED to be returned in “as good as new” condition to be qualified.  Customers will be responsible for shipping crochet products back to NeeNee with shipping material/packaging to prevent any damage during transit.  After receiving product, NeeNee will inspect crochet product and if returned in “as good as new” condition a refund, exchange, or return will be issued within 7 days. Any crochet products that are received in poor condition WILL NOT be eligible for replacement, refund, or exchange.

If a replacement or exchange is requested and crochet product is not already created, it may take NeeNee 14-18 days to crochet the request. 

Custom orders WILL NOT be eligible for return, refund, or exchange. However, if there are crochet assembly or production defects, NeeNee will stand by her promise.  Customer can opt for a refund or for NeeNee to make needed repairs at Hooked by NeeNee’s expense. 


Any crochet items damaged by customer negligence are not covered by warranty. Customer negligence include and is not limited to:

Customer’s dog or cat or any other animal chewing or tearing item, customer or their child mishandling or fighting over or tearing item, customer not following cleaning instructions, etc. 

 In the case that your crochet item is defective, please email NeeNee at hookedbyneenee@gmail.com or call NeeNee at (770) 988-4512 and I will make sure the issue is dealt with ASAP. For any assembly or production defects, NeeNee will issue a return label for the product.

Grace Policy

I’m sure you’ll be glad to know that every single crochet product is handmade. NeeNee sits in her comfy chair, binge watching Netflix while she creates each item. Also, Hooked by NeeNee is run exclusively by NeeNee (Cherie)! With that being said, there may be times when NeeNee might make a mistake or have a bad day. NeeNee promises to take responsibility for her mistakes and asks that we treat each other with grace.  We need to remember that we’re humans and we’re not perfect. However, if we can each extend grace NeeNee assures that any issue can be resolved quickly!